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Untouched | Sri Lanka

I decided to name this upcoming series of illustrations inspired by my last trip to Sri Lanka, with the first word that came to my mind when I was there. This island’s beauty, which can sometimes be underestimated by its’ punishing history, has been a place I wished to visit for a few years, for many different reasons. During my stay at the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, in Ahangama, I had glimpse of what it’s like to be part of a small yet strong and present community of local people and foreigners who’ve made this place their home. And it also felt like one for me despite my short stay,
I found lots of contrast in life in this small beach town, from a bustling busy town center to a calm oasis in the middle of the jungle just a tuk-tuk ride away. This abrupt contrast not only gave me perspective on the thin line between a modest living situation and a more privileged one to say so, but also inspired me to create more vividly and freely, without judgment towards my own style and approach to my work. I took the chance to apply different techniques in my drawing process and free myself from techniques I normally stick to and feel comfortable with. Having this freedom while drawing felt all encompassing with how I spent my time in Ahangama, from early morning surfing to letting the hot afternoons decide what would be the next chilled spot to head to, to spontaneous evenings full of positive energy and nice music.

 I was lucky enough to stumble upon a place where a great community of foreigners had come together and where connecting with likeminded individuals was nothing to be surprised about . I met so many inspiring, open-minded, kind, and talented people that supported my work and shared it with others which made me feel freer and allowed me to expose myself and my art in a way I hadn’t done before.

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