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How long will it take for my Perrito Portrait to be ready?
It can take from 2-4 weeks for it to be ready and shipped. Please keep in mind everything is done in house, by me, meaning I am the one drawing the Portrait, framing it and getting it ready and packed for shipping. The waiting time can differ depending on the time of the year, during busier periods you can expect to receive you Perrito Portrait within 4 weeks, and during months with lower volume of work (for example July and August) your order will be ready within 1-2 weeks.
I work only with high quality materials. The paper that is used for the Perrito Portrait is 300 g acid free Canson Montval paper. The paint I use is goauche (Windsor and Newton and korean Shinhan goauche). All Portraits are painted using the finest brushes (Martha kolinsky “00” “000” brushes for details) and synthetic Van Gogh brushes for the first layers. If you’d like to know more about my art process I’d love to share it with you, feel free to reach out via email (link email).
Some dogs can be quite tricky to capture on camera, but don’t worry about it. There are many ways you can get the right snap of your dog. Try teasing him with a treat so he or she will look to the camera. You can maybe get someone to help you out while you try to get a good shot. Here is an example of what the frontal angle should look like.
Of course you can, having a Perrito Portrait of your deceased dog is a sweet way of remembering them and a lot of people choose this option. Make a selection of at least 6 photos even if you don’t have a frontal one. I will make sure to capture his or her personality in the Portrait.
I certantly can! If you have any special request for your Perrito Portrait whether it’s of your dog rocking his or her favorite raincoat, t shirt or collar, please specify this at checkout and provide at least one picture of this accessory and I will draw your dog wearing it.
I only take requests for single portraits. If you’d like to order 2 single portraits of two different dogs please check out the Duo Perrito Portrait option or alternatively order 2 single Perrito Portraits in any size of your choice
I will send you a picture of the final result once it’s ready unless you request for it to be a surprise. Once I send you a picture of the final art piece, you can suggest small changes. If you are not happy with the Portrait I will do it again 🙂
If your order is lost I will refund you for the costs. Note shipping costs aren’t refundable. If your order arrives damaged, I can send you a spare frame or, alternatively, you can ship it back to me and I will frame the Portrait for you. Shipping costs are under the customer’s expense.
Yes, I ship worldwide. If your country is still not showing as an option, please let me know and I will add it. This is a small business, and improvements are made slowly.
Unfortunately, I don’t take requests for cat portraits.